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Building strong relationships that enable us to deliver comprehensive solutions to our clients


Delivering high-quality products, equipment
and automation systems

We enhance customer operations with reliable, cost-effective solutions. Teaming up with top manufacturers across diverse fields ensures our solutions are seamlessly integrated, meeting modern project demands.


Level Measurement Technology
Made In Switzerland

Our product range includes Trimod’Besta level switches as well as complementary products and solutions such as universal float switches.Trimod’Besta level switches have been manufactured at the Swiss since 1966 and are constantly adapted to current market requirements.

We are active in a wide range of level measurement technology: from shipbuilding, oil and gas, chemicals and petrochemicals to power generation, plant construction and water management.

TIMM Technology

We are leading developer and manufacturer of high quality safety and security technology “Made in Germany” for the areas of intelligent explosion protection and renewable energy.
Around the world, TIMM’s electronic measuring and control equipment provides safety on tank farms, harbors and industry sites. Due to the high filling speeds, there is always a potential danger of electrostatic charging of the material, the delivery lines or even the tank truck itself when the tank truck is loaded. This is why a means to safely ground the tank truck is necessary to prevent an ignitable spark discharge in potentially explosive atmospheres

OMC - Officine Meccaniche Cavourresi

Officine Meccaniche Cavourresi,  headquartered in Italy, is a leading provider of liquid transfer systems catering to the oil, chemical, and energy sectors.

Established in 1965, OMC has garnered a reputation for quality and reliability worldwide, as a result of many years of experience in the oil, chemical and energy sectors.

At OMC, safety is the top priority, reflected in the high-quality land loading arms crafted from premium materials. Renowned for versatility, OMC’s loading arms serve diverse needs in the oil, chemical, and energy sectors, offering optimal solutions for safe liquid transfer.

OMC’s swivel joints serve as the backbone of their loading arms, offering versatility beyond measure. Their selection features rotating groups with varied construction and sealing materials, tailored to the specific product being handled. OMC’s swivel joints excel in withstanding extreme temperatures, pressures, and loads, ensuring reliable performance in diverse applications.

OMC distinguishes itself with its assortment of valves, safety breakaway couplings, and quick couplings. The quick couplings, constructed in accordance with the American Petroleum Institute’s guidelines, stand out for their efficiency under the API RP 1004 standard, enabling a reduction in environmental impact, enhanced user-friendliness, and significant cost and time savings.


The worldwide interest in sustainable entrepreneurship has caused end users to aim for no emission terminals. This ambitious goal offers a challenge for many in our industry.

Envitech have supplied numerous solutions and provided effective support for the reduction of VOC emission all around the world. Their large installed base of tank seals, aluminium domes and internal floating roofs have contributed significantly to the worldwide reduction of these emissions.

Whether it is the traditional emission control measures, such as internal floating roofs or tank seals or the new range of solutions we offer, we always find the reliable solutions that put proven technology and quality first. You can count on us to make decisions based on functionality cost of ownership and a positive contribution to a better future.

Enhanced with durability and high-quality craftsmanship, Envitech internal floating roofs offer a cost-effective investment while maximizing emission reduction. Designed with careful attention to constructability, maintainability, and environmental sustainability, these roofs provide an optimal solution for your storage needs.

Envitech seals offer an optimal solution for reducing emissions from the area between an external floating roof and the tank shell. In navigating the complex landscape of legislative, technical, and safety requirements, their team boasts a proven track record in delivering the optimal sealing solution.

Envitech’s aluminum domes adhere to all major building codes, ensuring full compliance with safety standards. The company is dedicated to employing safe and secure construction practices, utilizing lightweight materials, simple tools, and qualified personnel.  These practices not only minimize the likelihood of field errors but also prioritize worker safety and streamline construction timelines.